Brochures and leaflets get your customer’s attention: that’s why they deserve yours.

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Producing over one billion per year our service and retail clients, LSC Communications knows the ins and outs of these many-varied marketing materials: leaflets, brochures, small catalogues, etc. We can support you through all stages of their design, production, optimal insertion and delivery – or look after all the intricacies for you.

Our proprietary Synergy workflow management system offers seamless and transparent co- ordination of file creation, change and approval, no matter how many parties are involved. It also allows us to enhance the efficiency of workflows with every iteration.

Our localization service gives you peace of mind that, while languages will change across countries, colors won’t: they’ll be consistent with your brand, bolstering its impact on its your target audience. Whatever degree of customization you require, we can deliver it – fragrance print, step indexing custom inks and varnishing. The same goes for personalization, no matter how large your print run.

Integrating your inserts with your print run goes without saying. With flexibility to your changing requirements built-in, so does timely delivery across Central and Eastern Europe, from Germany to Turkey, to distribution centers or door-to- door.

Our comprehensive disaster recovery plans mean you don’t have to worry about anything going wrong – we’ve already looked after it.


Conformity with ISO 12647 color management standard 

Secure processing of customer data (ISO 27001)

Environmental certifications FSC, PEFC, ISO 14000, EU Ecolabel


Professional solutions for stories worth telling

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