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    Our solutions let you focus on what’s important: planning your marketing campaign strategies. The rest you can leave to us: analysing trends, choosing tools and channels, creating content, distributing it, measuring and reporting the results.


Multichannel marketing campaigns

At LSC Communications we know that coordinating teams to deliver on challenging deadlines while maintaining cost effectiveness is a daunting task. With our dedicated solutions, you can stop worrying about three key elements of success: choosing the right channel, creating relevant content and measuring the results. Leave those things to us and focus on where your expertise really adds value:  planning your marketing campaign strategy.

You can delegate the whole process to us from scratch or you simply let us look after the most difficult and labor-intensive parts. We deal both with digital and print channels (photo production, video production, online tools & platforms, mobile applications, digital publications), and offer content creation and strategy. We can run control tests of the contents prior to being distribution, after which our data feed will ensure your campaign decisions are always optimal. If support in finding suitable subcontractors or in the management and distribution of content is your thing, consider us already there.

Increasing marketing ROI

To conduct a successful marketing campaign you need to choose those marketing strategies that communicate your offer most effectively to your audience. Some channels are going to be better suited to your this than others, but whether it’s in print or digital, your message should be supported by relevant and eye-catching content. At LSC Communications, our experts can help you to produce, adapt, distribute, and promote the right content to the right audience. We do the work, you get the results.

Whether planning, executing, comparing, adjusting, or reporting on campaigns, our efforts always keep maximizing ROI and minimizing wasted effort in sharp focus. The work we do allows you to grow your brand, no matter where your target market.

Reaching new target group

Our strategies of reaching new customers are always based on a detailed analysis of the target group and the message to be conveyed. We take into consideration the age of the group, their interests, how they consume content, and the communication channels they most readily use .

For the message to reach new target groups, we work in multiple stages:

  • content production (photography, video, translation)
  • content localization
  • content management - workflows
  • content distribution (+ personalization)


Our many years of know-how have been gained with international clients and corporations working on different markets.


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