• Build a sustainable supply chain

    Our solutions combine the latest trends and technologies with our long print production experience to meet your needs, especially in reducing costs, risks and delays in your supply chain.

Reducing direct and indirect costs

Cooperation with external suppliers requires continued coordination of activities, quality control, prices, and timing. Instead of doing it yourself, assign your task to our dedicated team at LSC Communication. Our account managers are your partners and advisers, they will use their in-depth knowledge about challenges and trends in your industry to allow you to stay one step ahead. Their knowledge and experience gives you scope to reduce indirect costs and increase the reliability of deliveries. We provide services based on proven track report and certifications. We particularly help reduce costs in such sectors as printed materials (books, catalogues, inbox materials, magazines, retail inserts, directories), direct mail and customized finishing.

Maintaining Quality

Our long experience in the printing industry and brand counselling has made us familiar with market requirements for quality certificates. Our dedicated teams will support you in acquiring reliable partners and delivering the appropriate level of quality. They also offer you a single point of contact and up-to-date integrated reports instead of numerous suppliers, multiple deadlines, and inconsistent or incompatible reporting. Working as your partners and advisers, our account managers will give you the insights you need to stay on top of all quality issues.


At LSC Communications we know how important credibility and sustainability are for modern companies: we have a long track record of meeting strict standards and of looking ahead. We have done so in numerous sectors when providing tailored services to our clients. At your request, we can find possible discrepancies in the policies of your business partners, check the credibility of business entities or advise on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). LSC Communications provide you with a team of experts and an account manager to manage your projects in a sustainable way. Finding you partners who share your social and economic value system is a natural part of our service.

Transparent and reliable process

Unlike other departments in the company Delivery consists of a long line of entities in charge of discrete stages of the process. Delays, errors, and oversights are inevitable in such a set-up. At LSC Communications we help you maintain the right process order and keep clear oversight of its multiple stages. Our multidisciplinary [MO2] teams monitor weak points, evaluate risks, track KPIs and provide the hard data in accessible form to ensure you have control over the whole process and success at its conclusion.


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