Differentiated by our range of backgrounds, qualifications, work and life experience, we are united by our passion to work with others. That passion means we are not anonymous: as individuals, we stand behind our solutions, and LSC Communications stands behind us.


When you start to co-operate with us, you’ll know exactly who to go to for information, advice and help. We’ll meet, call and mail regularly. Because problems can occur when least expected, you’ll also get our cellphone numbers so you can reach us whenever you need us.

Co-operation with us is all about long-term bonds: you learn from us and we learn from you. You’ll find us attentive and responsive, ready to advise as well as to act, trustworthy and transparent.

We offer you a dedicated sales and customer service person or team. The size and scope of your team depends on your needs and profile: your industry, your languages, your special requirements.

We can go to you or you can come to us.

Service excellence

Our customer care team’s goal is to translate client needs into solutions, manage orders, provide production updates, and answer any questions that arise. Each team member is thoroughly familiar with the client’s business and LSC’s potential, allowing them to deliver answers and suggest solutions in a clear and helpful manner.

LSC Communications sets the bar high for customer service and draws on 150 years of experience to deliver a best-in- class experience. As the first large printing organization in Central Europe to introduce  the idea of a single point of contact for clients, we know that innovation goes hand-in- hand with support.

Using a combination of interviews, analytical and language tests, we ensure that each customer service employee is well prepared to respond to your needs. We carefully select team members on the basis of their educational background, communication skills and personality, analytical and project management capabilities, and language proficiency.

Our Golden Rules of Service encapsulate our ideal standards for work competences and behaviors. They include client focus, a proactive mindset, responsibility, availability, sensitivity and adaptability to cultural norms, and a client-centric approach.

Project management

We deliver project management services to 70 countries in the languages they need (currently English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Spanish, and Russian), remotely or on-site.

Cooperation is based on agreeing specific deliverables, determining CTQ (Critical To Quality) specifications, drawing up a plan, determining the monitoring and feedback loop, initiating the processes,executing on deliverables, monitoring performance and reporting on what has been done.

The Team

With 20 years of experience in working with Polish and international customers, Katarzyna believes that strong relationships and mutual understanding between stakeholders are crucial to getting things done. Her motto is ’Success is created by a team’.

She graduated from the management faculty of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow. Her hobby is interior design.

Katarzyna Bałuka
Customer Service Deputy Manager

illustration illustration
illustration illustration

With 20 years of dedicated Directories experience with LSC Communications (previously RR Donnelley), Bartosz has been at the forefront of the development of print services for French and Russian markets.

A keen audiophile, his pastime targets include the basketball hoop, at which he regularly scores –when he’s not scoring meat for cooking, his other hobby.

Bartosz Drzymała
Customer Service Deputy Manager

Margarete’s 15 years with LSC Communications (previously RR Donnelley) have seen her building ever-stronger relationships with our German-speaking clients. With her team, she ensures the development and execution of key projects that reflect client needs while responding to market changes.

Ambitious, competent and enthusiastic at work, Margarete spends her free time painting themes from nature.

Margarete Stolarczyk 
Customer Service Deputy Manager

illustration illustration
illustration illustration

Jacek has been with LSC Communications (previously RR Donnelley) since 1995, most recently collaborating with Polish and Dutch customers.

A keen footballer in his free time, Jacek believes that in business as in sport, a team's diversity is the source of creativity and efficiency.

Jacek Łopata
Customer Service Deputy Manager


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