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Promote your product

Your brand must be coherent and intelligible across all channels: hiring a single partner to manage your multichannel content will minimize the risk of brand inconsistency across those channels. It also saves your time and energy: instead of coordinating multiple partners, you can focus on what really matters – brand strategy and conversion rates. LSC Communications can help you and your brand with content production, distribution, and management, on multiple markets and in many languages. We’re here to help with:

  • photo production,
  • video production,
  • workflow management,
  • developing online tools & platforms,
  • co-creation and content adaptation
  • mobile applications,
  • digital publications,
  • direct mailing,
  • inbox materials,
  • in-store marketing.



Reach your target

Our dedicated solutions let you focus on what’s important: planning your marketing campaign strategies. The rest you can leave to us: analysing trends, choosing the right tools and channels, creating tool- and channel-specific content, distributing it, and measuring and reporting the results. We are with you every step of the way.

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Build company culture

We help you by aligning your internal communication with your employer branding, ensuring that you speak with one voice to existing employees and potential ones. If you haven’t yet found your voice, we can advise on employer branding strategies and provide in-depth analysis of what’s generating views, clicks and engagement. We can also help you select the right communication channels for your content, and support you there too, whether with photos and video, printed material, or online platforms. This will help you build your image as an open and competitive company, where people want to work; it’ll also help you match the experience to the image, and leave you personally more time to come up with the strategies and policies that shape that reality.

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Expand your business

We can help you save time, improve efficiency, come up with new ideas, increase sales, and gain strength against your competitors. We are ready to listen to your needs,explore what’s behind them, and deliver the best tailor-made solutions. Our expertise extends from strategic consulting, testing and reporting to content preparation,management, and distribution. By offering you end-to- end support, our solutions guarantee greater transparency, better compliance, lower risk, faster response times, and less hassle.

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Optimize your costs

We offer solutions across all communication channels which are in step with the rapidly changing business environment. Our tracking of contemporary trends and tools can provide you with the comprehensive analyses you need to predict consumer behaviors and identify solutions that make the most financial sense. Our offer applies to services in the fields of workflow management, online tools & platforms, print management and supply chain management.

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Optimize production

Today's production process involves as many communication efforts as physical ones:
multiple small decisions, numerous e-mails, reports, statements, and teleconferences. At LSC Communication we ensure that no matter how many boxes have to be ticked, your entire production process works like a well-oiled machine. Our account managers are your partners and advisers, providing you a single point of contact to manage all suppliers, deadlines etc. Our tailor-made solutions will meet your specific requirements and won’t keep you in the dark: we provide full online access to your information, and will adjust to your requirements should they change even when a process is already underway. Our way of doing things ensures transparency, production optimization and better risk management. And if you choose to work with us, our way of doing things will mirror your way of doing things.

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Build a sustainable supply chain

Being familiar with the global market allows us to compare offers from a very wide range of vendors and to effectively reduce delivery costs. Our solutions combine the latest trends and technologies with our long print production experience to meet your needs,especially in reducing risks and delays in your supply chain. By allowing us to take care of your entire production process, you’ll add value of your company without losing any sense of control over it. In fact, our high standards mean you’ll probably add both social and economic value to it.

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Find new Clients

Our experience in supporting our clients’ sales organizations on multiple markets and across numerous channels means we can provide a range of solutions consistent with your expectations both in terms of costs and results. With our dedicated teams and broad marketing support, we’re ready to share know-how, set up precise, scalable and flexible reporting, and help you transition to the digital environment. We’re specialists when it comes to catalogues, inbox materials, direct mailing, in-store marketing,magazines, and retail inserts. But we do a whole lot more too. Check us out.

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